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Artist Angela Bulloch has made 'Flash & Tidal' - an artwork consisting of two interwoven lighting concepts. One is a subtle shift between chartreuse and blue as the tide ebbs and flows. At high tide the pier is bathed in blue and at low tide the lighting is chartreuse, giving the Pier an ethereal alien quality.

The second, complementary concept is achieved with 63 programmed flashing lights. Using a working model Angela developed the programme to give a varying performance on every night of the fortnightly spring/neap tidal cycle. These flash lights accent the dynamically shaped pier as well as giving it a touch of the paparazzi, as if something fabulous is going on by the river.

Working closely with Beckett Rankine and Marks Barfield Architects, Angela produced 'Flash & Tidal' as an integral part of the pier. Each of the xenon flash lights punctures through the metal skin of the structure and the lights which change gradually with the tide are built into the internal ramps and perimeter of the pier producing a smoothly integrated art, architecture and engineering project.



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